Truckee Tahoe Seller Information


Consider Your Motivation

When you are thinking of selling your Lake Tahoe home, it is important to identify your goals, timeline and look at your property objectively and as a potential investment for another buyer. There are two intersecting considerations that make the selling process work optimally for both you and your Realtor: time on market and price. I will help you establish a value that is in line with the current market conditions. It will be important that I understand your goals, timeline and flexibility in positioning your home with the most immediate appeal while also ensuring your goals are met.

Pricing Your Home

You will always get maximum exposure the first 60 days that your home is introduced to the Lake Tahoe market. Price reductions will never get the same exposure. When a home is overpriced, it will be compared to similar homes that are priced at market value and in many ways, this might encourage the sale of competing homes. We will look at comparable sales and come up with fair market value for your property. We will also look at properties that are also for sale to understand your competition. The fastest way to sell a home is to list it just under market value, which can often encourage multiple offers. By offering my pricing expertise, while working to understand your goals, we can arrive at a sales strategy.  It is important that we communicate honestly about market conditions and strategies so that I can meet your expectations.


A buyer will want to see your property as a canvas for the lifestyle they imagine living. It is important that we remove anything that might make a buyer feel like they are intruding into your personal space. We want to show the property in a neutral condition, where personal items like photographs and excess clutter is removed. This can include closets too. Staging the home can mean hiring a professional to look at your home objectively and decorate it in a way that captures emotional or artistic impact. Once you have made the decision to sell, it is important to work with me on goals that will showcase your property in the best possible presentation.


The value of a home can be increased by the amount of bedrooms and bathrooms. If you have an office without a closet, often adding a closet can transform it into an additional bedroom. Some upgrades will never have any return on the investment so we will discuss possible strategies that will ensure you get the highest price possible for your Lake Tahoe home. A kitchen remodel or new floors can increase the value of your property, however it is important that we discuss the market prior to do any upgrades because over improving a home in an area that will not support the price is a mistake many sellers make.

Showing Your Home

We will need to discuss your preferences on showing your home to potential buyers. As a second home in Lake Tahoe, I will need to know the home's availability for showing. We generally put lockboxes on properties so that other agents can show your property, but I will ensure that any buyers are pre qualified prior to viewing your property. It is important to keep the home in 'showing' condition so it might take a bit more effort when coming and going to ensure the home is always ready to be viewed by a potential buyer.

The Transaction

It will be my goal to expose your property to the most amount of buyers in the least amount of time. When an offer or offers come in, we will be working under expiration periods, which means it is important that we are able to discuss, view and respond to potential offers in a timely manner. You will need to let me know your schedule and availability for follow up. Many documents can now be completed online and this will ensure that we are timely in our response. Once an offer is accepted, I will be present for all of the inspections, oversee the contingency removals and ensure that the transaction moves smoothly to its close. I pride myself on making the selling experience effortless and without unnecessary surprises.

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